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Gaspé Cured

Gaspe Cured

Canadian Fish Exporters has been the largest distributor of Genuine Gaspé Cured cod for over 45 years.

What makes Genuine Gaspé Cured Cod special? The old-world method by which it is processed:

Each cod is generally cut by hand, mildly salted, drained of water and then stretched out on giant flakes (or wire-meshed tables) outdoors to soak up the sun. The cod are then piled up during an aging period and ultimately return to the outdoors to complete the final drying phase. This sun-bleached drying method — accompanied by favorable northwesterly trade winds — give the cod its transparent look, savory taste and assures a better-quality product.

  • Bulk Pack: 50 lb. net cardboard carton
  • Case Dimensions: 28" x 16.75" x 6"
  • Cube: 1.63
  • Description: Genuine Gaspé Cured
    (slack salted) Dried Cod, Skin On, Bone In , Split (butterfly style)
  • Moisture: 48%
  • Grade: Choice, Standard, Commercial, and Utility
  • Sizes:
    • Extra Large (25” +)
    • Large (21-25”)
    • Medium (16-20”)
    • Small (12-16”)
    • Extra Small (12” - )
  • Number of cases/pallet: 40
  • Pallet Configuration: 4 x 10

Gaspe Authentic Certification